Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AP Psychology Exam Review

With AP Exam Registrations due soon here at Chi-Hi (March 13th, everyone!), it's time to start thinking about preparing for the AP Psych exam. With that in mind, I've put together a few links to get you started. - From the horse's mouth. This is a link to the College Board's description of the exam. You'll also find links to sample questions and overviews of the content of the exam. - This is a link to the section of the course webpage dedicated to topic-sorted websites. Some of the websites I had showed you in class, others are just cool FYI. - Psychology professor and enthusiast Michael Britt has an impressive collection of podcasts (video and audio) designed to help intro psychology students memorize terms for their exams. For example, in the episode below, he helps you memorize parts of the brain. Corny, but IT WORKS! If you're "too cool" to use goofy mnemonics, you also might be "too cool" to pass the AP Psych Exam. Think about it.

Also, if you've endured my class to this point, your threshold for goofy has got to be quite high to begin with, so you'll probably like this guy, too.

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