Monday, March 23, 2009

Confused about Defense Mechanisms?

Struggling to remember and differentiate between all those Freudian defense mechanisms we discussed in class? Michael Britt to the rescue again! Although this time we don't have a cool mnemonic video, Mr. Britt shares with us an audio podcast littered with examples of defense mechanisms in action.

The chart (provided by Britt) to the right organizes the info in the podcast for you quite nicely. Click on it for a larger image. It doesn't go over all of the nine I shared with you in class, but it's a good reference. To see show notes and more information about this episode of the PsychFiles, click here.

On a related note, check out this article on the neuroscience behind the Freudian concept of transference: "Are You My Mother? Psychological Transference May Be More Pronounced When We Are Tired"


  1. Ms. Welle,

    Michael Britt here from The Psych Files. Thanks so much for your kind comments about my podcast and I'm glad you like the concept map. Hope it helps your students.

    Thanks again!