Monday, October 26, 2015

Brain Movie Trailer Marathon

I'm currently working my way through scoring all of the wonderful Brain Projects that have come in since Friday, and so far I'm pretty impressed. Not only do you folks appear to be a pretty creative bunch, but you're applying your knowledge of neuroscience, too!

Since I probably won't have time to share ALL of the movie trailers in class, I figured I'd make a playlist here. (This way I won't lose the links so easily, too). As you will notice, the amygdala was a wildly popular choice.

Tessa and Maisy: Deteriorating Medulla
Ty and Kathryn: Paranormal Amygdala
Molly: The Boy with the Mishapen Amygdala
Carter and David: The Decent Cop Whose Amygdala Gets Damaged and Turns Super Aggressive
Tim and Mitch: Amygdalacalypse
Maygen and Anna: The Amygdala
Gina: The Amygdala
Cheyenne: The Amygdala

I think those are all the links I've gotten? If yours is missing, please let me know and I'll add it.

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