Wednesday, October 14, 2015

AP Psych Lesson: Thursday PM

Hi AP Psych students!

Unfortunately, I have to be away for a meeting this afternoon. So, if you're viewing this, it's probably because you're in my 6th or 7th hour class and have been directed here by your substitute teacher. Lucky for you, all the directions for today's activities can be found below!

STEP #1: View the Slide Show (we began this yesterday) and take notes at your own pace. You may also refer back to your text as needed. You will want headphones, as there is a video clip to view. You will have to answer some questions in Socrative following the show, so please go through this information carefully before moving on to that step.

STEP #2: Answer the comprehension questions in Socrative. (The final slide in the show will prompt you to do this.)

STEP #3: View the video, "Inside the Teenage Brain." You will not complete all of it, but should get enough information to launch our discussion tomorrow. Particularly, please be ready to discuss how the teen brain is different from the adult brain and how this impacts behavior and decision-making. In the video, see if you can spot examples of the different devices used to study the brain that you just learned about (EEG, MRI's, etc).

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