Sunday, January 26, 2014

Testing & Intelligence: Cold Day Stuff to Do

Greetings, all!

No doubt this finds you reveling in the knowledge that school is closed, once again, due to cold weather.  I love a good snow day just as much as the next gal, but they sure do throw a wrench in my plans to get you all the content you need prior to the AP Psych Exam. With "too-cold-for-school" days piling up this winter, we're going to have to get creative about how to handle all the material for second semester. Pushing back any more tests and quizzes is NOT an option, since the College Board doesn't delay the AP Psych Exam no matter how many snow days we have.

This means you'll be doing a little more outside of class this unit than I had planned.

For example, for Tuesday (or whenever the heck we are back in classes again), I need you to complete a worksheet with practice items on statistical interpretation (because it is a secure document, I will be texting you the link AND sending it to your IC mailbox). It will help you brush up on what we discussed on Friday. I was going to use it as warm-up on Monday, but, know the rest. Optional: If you are finding yourself baffled by the questions, please view this video on Standard Deviation by fellow-AP Psych teacher Mr. Schallhorn.

Then, since you are trapped indoors for the next 24 hours or so, I figure you'll have plenty of time to watch the playlist embedded below: Battle of the Brains. I usually show this video in class after we've learned about theories of intelligence, but given what I've already had to cut from class time and this new cancellation, it just became a take-home assignment. You'll need to view the playlist below and complete this accompanying worksheet by Friday, January 31st.

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