Friday, May 3, 2013

Online Resources for AP Psych Review

If you are the type that prefers to use online tools for your test preparation, you've got plenty of options in preparing for the AP Psych exam. You might find yourself gravitating toward "old reliables," like Quizlet flashcards, or perhaps you're looking for something new. Look no further.

However, keep in mind that at this point (with just days or hours remaining until the AP exam), you are looking to develop MASTERY of course content, not simple familiarity. Strategies that you used to develop familiarity with content when first presented with it are now best replaced with methods that put your understanding to the test by requiring you to recall or manipulate information in the same way you will be expected to on the AP Exam. For example, some research has suggested that simply re-reading text actually results in WORSE performance on tests because when you read something that is familiar, you may mistake that familiarity with true understanding and fail to adequately prepare.

That means, be cautious about simply reading chapter or topic summaries (for example, in an Exam Prep manual) or passively viewing a video, thinking to yourself, "Oh yeah. I know this," and then moving on. Those resources may be helpful for clarifying misunderstandings or as a reference ("What is the 3rd stage in Piaget's model of cognitive development? Oh here it is...") BUT, to find out how much you really know, PUT YOURSELF TO THE TEST. Here are some ways to do that:

Quizlet Links

You may have used these before for familiarity (just flipping through them?). This time, try using one of the study modes that forces you to commit to answer before revealing correctness: the "Learn," "Spacerace," and "Test" modes are good for that.

Remember, if you take a few minutes to sign up for a free account, you can combine different sets to create a more random review sequence!


Need a quick review of a difficult topic? Try some of these sites.

Mr. Schallhorn's Review Videos - YouTube videos that give you a quick, but accurate overview of some of psychology's most challenging topics.

Education Portal Academy - Brief lectures on almost every major topic in AP Psych, with quizzes to follow. Not as detailed as in class lectures, but PLENTY for those needing a difficult topic re-explained.


AP Psych Jeopardy - Play with up to five teams! (Requires Flashplayer)

Psychology Vocab Game - Challenging, timed vocabulary quiz. You can select the length depending on time available. FYI: Requires Flashplayer.

Famous Psychologists - Only 20 psychologists, but some fun interactive games. Good for beginners?

Jeopardy Reviews by Topic - Access this psychology course's home page and scroll down to find "Jeopardy Reviews for the AP Exam." These are Powerpoint files. Kudos to their creator (not me)!

Practice Questions

Online Practice Tests on Specific AP Psych Topics - some of these I have posted previously as we encountered them during the year. Good opportunities to return to difficult content and try again.

Previous FRQs - The College Board releases free-response questions from previous years, along with scoring rubrics and samples of student work. I'll have these available for viewing at our study session, but if you're working from home they're worth a look. 

Previously Released AP Psych Exams - Although these are only available in .pdf form (meaning there is no online or automatic scoring), this would be another opportunity to take a practice test. Keep in mind, these exams are OVER TEN YEARS old (that's why they are available to the public), so they may not be totally current in their content). However, you may find it a helpful challenge to take and score the 1999 or 1994 exams.

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