Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Online Access to AP Exam Scores

This year, the College Board is transitioning to online score reporting for students. This system should have some distinct advantages, the main one being that students will be able to access their scores faster than in previous years. However, this means you will NOT get a printed score report in the mail. All students must access their scores online, and you need to set up a student account to do so. If you don't have regular Internet access at home, you'll want make plans for access--seek out a friend with Internet, visit a public library--for registration and for retrieving your scores in July.

Be sure to write down your username and password when you register, since you will need these later in July. The College Board recommends emailing these pieces of information to yourself, since you will always be able to look them up that way.

Basically, the process will work like this:

  1. Students set up online accounts
  2. Students then simply need to wait until an email arrives (at the address provided during registration) in early July, indicating their scores are available for viewing. See the 2013 Early Access Schedule. Wisconsin students will be able to view and send AP scores during an early "window" on July 6th; all score reports will be available for regular viewing by July 8th.
  3. When the email arrives, you'll need your account username and password that you created during registration, as well as your AP Number that you were provided during (pre)registration. (Remember those barcode stickers? Remember how your guidance counselor told you not to lose that number?)
For more information about online score access, visit AP Online Scores for Students

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