Friday, September 30, 2011

Brain Food Extra Credit

Mrs. Welle's Brain Cake - 2010
After completing the Orange Brain Surgery lab earlier this week, you have undoubtedly figured out that the best models of the brain are edible ones. So, our next Psych Club meeting will feature a celebration of delicious neuroanatomy through a "Brain Food" contest.
Current AP Psych students who participate will earn 5 points extra credit (computed in test category), as this will help them review important structures in the brain/nervous system.

The Rules:
  • Entries must be edible representations of the brain or portions of the nervous system (e.g. neuron, synapse, brain stem, etc).
  • Component parts must be accurately labeled.
  • Entries will be judged during LUNCH A, so they must be delivered to room 136 no later than 12:15. You have to set up/complete registration for your entry during lunch (or have a friend do so), so please don't just leave your creation in my room in the morning an assume it will get set out.
  • Winners will be announced and snacking will commence during our regular meeting time (Lunch B)!
Even if you do not wish to enter (and earn Extra Credit), you are welcome to join us for the meeting & eating. There is always plenty of food to go around.

Be sure to wear your new Psych Club t-shirt, too, since those will be distributed early next week!

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas, check out the AP Psychology facebook page for pictures of some of last year's entries and winners.

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