Monday, November 1, 2010

Butter Braid Sale Kick-off!

Wow. What an attractive-looking bunch! You really can't go wrong with a Piaget shirt. :)

Today's Psych Club meeting kicked-off our fundraiser for the May 17th Next to Normal trip.

If you missed the meeting, you also missed out on some samples of the delicious Butter Braids we are selling to earn some cha-ching for the trip. But here's the pertinent info if you still need it:

Sale ends December 3rd (our next Psych Club meeting) and completed order forms & money are due that day. The product, which is delivered FROZEN, will arrive after school in the cafeteria on December 17th. Make sure that you (or a confederate) are available to pick up your stuff and deliver it that day, since Mrs. Welle does not have that much freezer space and cannot store your stuff indefinitely.

You make $4.50 per item you sell, and anyone hoping to write out a check can make it payable to Chi-Hi when they place their order. If you sell enough, you'll be able to score a rockin' seat at the Next to Normal performance, so good luck!

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