Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mandatory AP Preadministration - April 20

During 2nd hour on Tuesday, April 20th, all students registered to take any Advanced Placement exam at Chi-Hi will be called to the cafeteria for "Preadministration" of exam materials. This means you will be filling out all of those tedious identification documents that we, in previous years, had you complete the day of the test. You will also receive all of your registration information about testing week (it will not be mailed to you, as in previous years).

This is a new procedure as of this year, since our building has so many students taking exams, and many of them taking multiple exams. Why the change?
  • You'll be "fresh" for your test. It takes almost an hour to fill out all of those boring (but required) forms. Doing it ahead of time means you won't have to endure it while you are anxious to begin your very important test!
  • It eliminates wasted time. You only have to fill out ONE set of these for ALL your AP tests. Previously, students who were taking their second (or third) AP exam had to sit for an hour with nothing to do while their peers taking a first exam completed this paperwork.
  • It helps ensure all exams run (and finish) on time. We had been having problems with exams running "over" their allotted times, pushing back the next test to be administered and inconveniencing those who had to be done on time for athletics or other obligations. This will hopefully eliminate the problem.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND THE PREADMINISTRATION SESSION. If even ONE person misses, the entire group of students taking that test will have to wait for him/her to fill out this paperwork on exam day. Don't inconvenience your peers by failing to show up!

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