Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Proud AP Psychology Teacher

Although my eyeballs are burning from the huge amount of grading I've finished over the past week, I am very pleased with how finals week turned out for my AP Psych classes.

We had great turnouts for both evening review sessions, and I saw considerable progress toward that "team" feeling that is necessary as we support each other to meet our common goal: kicking the AP Psych exam's butt! (assuming it has a posterior) In particular, I know many of us put in lots of hours getting ready for that final and it paid off...bigtime.

Scores on this year's final exams were very impressive, and that speaks to all the hard work you have engaged in to date. We'll go over the exam in class tomorrow so we can see where we will need to go from here. Even if your score is not what you were personally shooting for, I think everyone has some accomplishments to be proud of this semester. And we're on the right track. As long as we continue to work at this level (and not fall victims to senioritis), I think we'll all be ready come May.

Keep on keepin' on! I'll see you all in class tomorrow.

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