Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Functional Fixedness & MacGyver

Today in AP Psych, we practiced overcoming functional using a seemingly random assortment of classroom/household supplies to build (or attempt to build) record players. In doing so, I urged students to "be MacGyver."

MacGyver was, of course, the beloved titled character in the popular 1980s television show: a guy who was constantly getting himself into dangerous situations and then emerging victorious by utilizing random things in the surrounding environment. For example, he could diffuse bombs and pick locks with paper clips and chewing gum wrappers. Here's the original show intro for those who are interested.

MacGyver has been spoofed many times over for the predictable (yet unbelievable) plot lines and antics in the show. Below are some great examples.

My recent favorites have been SNL skits featuring Will Forte as "MacGruber", a similar but less successful and more distracted version of MacGyver.

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