Sunday, April 2, 2017

Slides from Psych Disorders and Treatment Unit

Although it goes against my better judgment to provide students with copies of slides from class (see this post for the research on this topic), given the high number of students that either have missed substantial numbers of class days already this unit and who plan to yet next week, I'm posting the three slide shows used in conjunction with this unit's material.

HUGE NOTE OF CAUTION: As you will plainly see if you do explore these resources, there are a LOT of slides and information we did not use in class. This is because I alter and shift what I use every year and retain unused slides in case I need them in the future. So, PLEASE do not send me panicked emails trying to alert me that there is stuff that we "missed," especially in the Psych Disorders slides. My canned response will be: "I know. That was on purpose."

Psych Disorders Notes

Biomedical Treatments


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