Thursday, June 30, 2016

AP Exam Scores For Students

Next week AP Exam Scores from 2016 tests will be available for students. I know you're excited to see how you did, so here are some things you can do to be ready:

  1. Visit the AP Scores for Students site and check the access schedule. Remember, your ability to access your scores at a particular time depends upon your geographic location when you log in, NOT where you took the test. So, if you are planning on being in Wisconsin next week, then you will have access to your scores at 7 AM on July 7th.
  2. Remember that you will need to log in using your College Board account. In my AP Psych classes, I prompted students to either create an account (or attempt to log in to an existing one) the day following our test. If you were gone that day, you might still have to complete that step.
  • You may have trouble accessing scores via your smartphone. This is because the website might be unable to determine your location (and access is determined by your location). You might have greater success if you try using your home computer instead.
  • Score reports have already been sent to colleges by the time you see your results. As long as you requested that your scores be sent to your college/university during preregistration (by entering the school code), there is nothing more you need to do. However, visit the AP Score Reporting Services Website if you have other issues or questions about score reporting.

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