Monday, June 22, 2015

Global AP Psych Score Results are Out!

As the AP Psych Exam Reading wrapped up almost a week ago, global numbers are just becoming available. Trevor Packer, head of the College Board, tweets about trends in results in all AP subject areas, and today AP Psych was the subject of several.

A couple of trends that Trevor commented on are worth noting. First, the number of students taking and passing the AP Psychology Exam is up. At the Reading, we were told that over 280,000 AP Psych exams were taken this year. Similarly, news at Psychology's College Board Forum night was that the number of schools who offer AP Psych continues to rise, with another 7% increase projected this year.

Also pleasing to hear is that the percentage of students earning 5's on the test is up this year (as compared to last). I'm hoping Chi-Hi students' scores also reflect that trend. Perhaps one of those "perfect" scores belongs to a student from Chippewa Falls (okay, odds are against that, but one can hope?).

Last, it looks like students performed better on FRQ 1 (research methods) as opposed to FRQ2 (Chandler and Alex). As someone who participated in the scoring of FRQ2, I can say I was surprised at how difficult that one turned out to be for students. I certainly learned a lot about the interesting misconceptions students can have about the terms and concepts used in that question.

All this talk about AP Exam data makes me anxious to see how my own students performed on this year's test. Alas, here in Wisconsin we must wait until July 7, so I'll have to use the opportunity to practice my patience.

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