Monday, December 15, 2014

Study Tools for your Learning Test

Your unit test on Learning Theory will take place on Wednesday, December 17th. In order to help you prepare, you have tons of tools at your disposal! Including:
  • Tuesday's Study Session (4-7 PM) - Note the extended time frame for those hoping to attend funeral/wake events.
  • Quizlet Flashcards - remember, you'll want to be prepared to write about each one of these, not just recognize examples from a list!
  • More practice MC Questions (if your printed Study Guide is not enough)
  • Crash Course Videos: How to Train Your Brain (Classical and Operant Conditioning) and Bobo Beatdown (Observational Learning and Social-Cognitive Perspective)

Quizlet Flashcards

Notes: Classical and Operant Conditioning

Observational Learning

What the Behaviorists Missed

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