Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Study Tools for Your Memory Test

Throughout this unit, you have learned that there are good and bad strategies for remembering material you are trying to learn. It's time to put some of the good strategies into practice as you prepare for Friday's test! First up, remember to harness the spacing effect and spread out your studying over multiple sessions (ideally over multiple days, too).

One thing some students have found helpful in mastering the vocabulary for AP Psych is the Quizlet flashcard sets on this blog (see the "Study Resources" tab at the top of the page). While I'm sure you remember from Dr. Chew's videos that memorizing flashcards alone will likely not result in a perfect test score--you have to understand the concepts and how they relate to each other, not just memorize isolated facts--if the 54 terms you need to know for Friday seem like an intimidating list, you can use these flashcards to help you review.

Remember, the best types of studying require you to put your memory to the test, recalling items in the ways you will be asked to do so on the test. So, don't just read the flashcards and convince yourself, "I knew that!" Instead, see if you can identify the word or the definition BEFORE looking at the answer. You can also use other testing modes (including games) to increase your fluency. Even better? Encourage deep processing by  giving yourself an orienting task. Randomly pull 3 to 5 cards and ask yourself: How are these terms similar to each other? How are they different? Which will be most helpful to me as I prepare for this test?

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