Friday, July 5, 2013

Online AP Scores

They're almost here!

Wisconsin AP students can access their AP Exam Scores during an early access period on July 6th (beginning at 5 AM). The early access window will close on Sunday, July 7th at 4:59 AM, so that students in other parts of the country can access their scores without the system crashing. Beginning July 8th, scores should be available again to all students.

You'll need to log in to the AP Score Website in order to find your results. You may have trouble if attempting to access early scores via a mobile device, as your network location must be verified in order to log in during your state's "window." Try a home or public wireless network if you encounter difficulty (or wait until July 8 when location no longer matters).

Good luck, everyone! Compiled reports for teachers are not available until July 10th, so I'll have to continue to patiently wait to see all my students' scores. But I'll be thinking of all of you over the next few days and hoping for awesome news!

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