Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Week To Go!

Next Monday students will take the AP Psychology exam! It is hard to believe the year has gone by so quickly, but this means the next week will be devoted to some pretty important preparations.

Some reminders:
  • Your Motivation & Emotion test is Tuesday, April 30th. Finish strong on your LAST unit test! No study session the evening prior, as Mr. Leahy tells me there was little interest.
  • You will review in class Wednesday - Friday.
  • On Sunday, from 1-5 PM, I'll host your FINAL review session for AP Psych!
Since that last review is a pretty extensive one, I've created a guide for you to use in planning how you wish to spend that time. As always, you are invited to stay for as much of the session as you can, but are free to arrive and leave when you need to, for any reason.

Later this week I will be composing a post with a bunch of online review tools for students. There will be a computer lab available during the study session for students who wish to use them. Of course, by posting them early I also hope to let students use them at home over the course of the week, as needed.

Good luck this week! Hope to see you all soon!

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