Monday, April 11, 2011

Adler's Ashes?

Ready for some weird psychology history?

According to this article in The Guardian, the long-missing remains of Alfred Adler were recently discovered in Edinburgh. How did they get there and why was this a mystery? Apparently, Adler, a psychologist remembered today for his early friendship with Sigmund Freud, for creating the idea of the inferiority complex, and for founding a unique approach to psychotherapy, unexpectedly suffered a heart attack in 1937 when visiting Aberdeen for a lecture tour.

His Viennese family lost track of the remains when they were shipped south to Edinburgh for cremation, where they have remained since. Surviving family members believe the chaos surrounding the start of World War II likely interfered with communication efforts following the prominent psychologist's death.

Adler's ashes will be returned to Vienna and a ceremony is planned to commemorate the famed, and now found, psychologist.

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