Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Gifts for the Psychology Student

As the holidays approach, you are probably thinking to yourself, "What kind of gift should I get for my amazing table-buddy in AP Psych?" (Or perhaps parents are looking for last minute stocking-stuffers for psychology students?)

Might I recommend some AP Psychology Flashcards? These will save you the trouble of making your own prior to the AP Exam, and several students have been making use of the two classroom sets I have. In fact, if you do splurge on these for yourself or a friend...maybe you would be willing to donate them to your favorite psychology teacher at the end of the year? Just a thought...

Or, perhaps you haven't purchased the Study Guide that accompanies our textbook. If you're still struggling to make sense of all the reading, this might be a great addition to your wish list.

Maybe you're thinking ahead to the AP Exam in the spring? Many students choose to supplement the required review activities for class with practice tests and review from one of the many AP Exam prep books on the market. Some of the more popular ones include Barron's, Psychology the Easy Way, 5 Steps to a 5, and Kaplan. In addition to the online links I've provided, many of these commercial test prep books are available on the shelf at larger bookstores (like Borders).

Happy Holidays!

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